Shipping policy



All orders will be processed within three (3) days of payment. 


This is just a guideline for approximate shipping times. We do our best to stay within these figures, but sometimes things happen. We will keep issues to a minimum and resolve them quickly.

  • 8-10 days to the US
  • 8-15 days to Europe
  • 6-15 days to Canada

          * Do not forget to add the up to 3 days for processing to these shipping times.


FREE SHIPPING! Yes, I have a sense of humor and know certain people will not like it, yet others will love to know that I am a down-to-earth person and do not pull punches. I want you all to have the quickest shipping possible. I'm not the place that's named after the rainforest and have warehouses on every other block. I hope you all understand this policy. If things get "lost" I will make things right. If your package is damaged from shipping, contact us within 7 days of delivery or the sale is final. Not going to argue or give wiggle room to sue. I want to keep things simple and that the customer understands what all the shipping process does and does not do.