Please be mindful and pay attention to the size charts. Pay attention to which size chart is being used because there are mainly three size charts used: US, European, and Asian size charts. You will have to convert your size to the size chart used for the clothing.



    It takes approximately 3 days to process your order once it is paid. Then the following rules generally apply:
    • 2-7 days Warehouse to US
    • 8-10 days Warehouse Outside of US to the US
    • 8-15 days Warehouse to Europe
    • 6-15 days Warehouse to Canada & Australia
    • 8-15 days Warehouse to rest of the World.
    You will notice that there are shipping charges in three stages. Each stage is a flat rate. No surprises. No algerbra necessary. Simplicity rules.
    • First range is from $0.01-$49.99
    • Second range is from $50.00 and up is FREE.
    These are the rules. They apply to everyone equally no matter where you are at.This is just a heads-up on what to expect from the purchasing experience. I will keep these things to an absolute minimum for you.
    Again, Thank you for shopping with us.